So What’s Latest in Demand Generation?

What is Demand Generation?

Demand generation refers to the comprehensive programme of marketing and sales enablement initiatives throughout the entire funnel that only occur once there is some demand for your product or service. Lastly, demand generation goes beyond your marketing and sales funnel to address non-visible touch points before a lead even enters your funnel, all the way through customer retention.

A true demand generation strategy accounts for every touch point in the buyer’s journey; all the way from anonymous consumer to delighted customer. In executing an effective demand generation strategy, you create opportunities: opportunities to make data-driven decisions, align your marketing and sales teams, track marketing’s contribution to revenue and, most importantly, drive growth for your organisation.

Demand Generation Fundamentals

As demand generation programmes encompass every single touch point (from before a person becomes aware that your company exists all the way till closure of a deal and up-selling that follows), they can be broken down into four manageable parts: brand awareness, inbound marketing, sales enablement and client retention.

What are the Latest Trends in Demand Generation?

Marketing has not just remained marketing anymore. It has evolved to Smart Marketing. With the current complexities in the markets, funnel marketing does not work effectively anymore. More and more attention now is being paid on customer profiling. This is where data plays a key role. Marketing messaging is becoming more and more personalised, completely varying with each account. Mails now have become tactical and direct mailing has been replaced by intelligent mailing. Marketing has now become a blend of both inbound as well as outbound efforts.

  • Demand Capture

Demand capture is the commitment towards finding and capturing all existing demand at a highly accelerated velocity. It is based on the assumption that demand already exists for your product or service but efforts need to be made to capture it. Search (SEO & SEM) plays a key role in demand capture.

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